Decostayle works together with a number of companies.


Decostayle is proud to be part of the Visscher – Caravelle Group (VC), a worldwide player in textiles for the automotive industry. VC has a yearly turnover of more than 100 million Euro and has about 1,000 employees worldwide. VC provides a stable financial and strategic foundation for Decostayle but also provides expertise and a centre for R&D.

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COCON Marketing

Decostayle comes across many situations in the market whereby the requirement goes further than just product/sample presentations. Plus, the Visscher Caravelle Group has collected much marketing knowledge in recent years and we have many working connections with marketing specialists. To marketing this knowledge and the opportunity with each other we have chosen for the introduction of the company: Cocon Marketing.

Cocon Marketing is mainly aimed on the flooring and interior design branch. They provide advice and support in the field of product/market combinations, positioning and overall market strategies. The main difference with current suppliers includes three points:

  • Holistic approach (total approach)
  • To be able to advise and support both existing as new (innovative and interactive) media (e.g. Layar, 3D visualisations, etc.)
  • To make marketing practical and measurable

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